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Automate your complete accounts payable process: the spend management solution by Yokoy helps you gain full transparency and control over your corporate spending.

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One solution for all your corporate spending

Financial leaders often lack the full picture when it comes to company spend management, making accounts payable processes a daily struggle. Yet the solution is so simple: Yokoy captures the relevant data from all your receipts and invoices and prepares them for further processing. Leveraging sophisticated AI-models, Yokoy ensures that all the information is read out correctly, automatically matched with reference data and checked against internal and external policies. Yokoy helps you automate every step, from capturing receipts and invoices, to the approval process and the correct finance booking in your ERP tool.

What can Yokoy do for you?

Increase efficiency of
your accounts payable processes

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Yokoy ensures a seamless and fully automatic accounts payable process, from submission to the export to your accounting system. Our solution extracts information from invoices and receipts, conducts various checks and ensures correct booking in the downstream systems. In addition, Yokoy learns based on all your receipts, invoices and actions to get even better with time.

Gain actionable insights
in real time

Take your budget management to the next level: Yokoy’s reporting & analytics module ensures full transparency and gives you comprehensive spend insights in real time. We also provide you with all the tools needed for in-depth data analysis, enabling you to uncover spending patterns, identify trends and make better strategic decisions for the future. 

Gain maximum flexibility
by setting up individual process flows

Yokoy not only reflects local tax laws and regulations, but also allows you to effortlessly design your own approval flows and enforce internal policies. Since Yokoy is a no-code platform, you do not need a team of developers for maintenance and adjustments.

Seamlessly integrate Yokoy
into your system landscape

Yokoy offers a wide range of integrations with all major third-party tools, from ERP to HR systems. Customers and partners also benefit from a free and open API to seamlessly integrate with Yokoy.

How much can you save with Yokoy?

All Yokoy solutions at a glance

Expenses icon depicting a receipt being read through and analysed

Automated expense management

Yokoy automates your entire expense process, including VAT reporting and travel expense reporting. With our AI-based tool, it only takes 3 seconds to generate an expense report, while manual review is only required for outliers and special cases. Seamless integration into your financial systems forms the basis for real end-to-end-automation.

Icon of Supplier Invoices

Automated invoice processing

With Yokoy, you have your entire invoice management in one place: automatically capture, review, approve invoices and book them to your accounting system. Yokoy’s AI takes care of matching invoices with pre-approved purchase orders and streamlines the approval process to significantly reduce manual work.

Icon of a Mastercard

Yokoy corporate Mastercard Switzerland

The smart Yokoy Corporate Mastercard for Swiss customers provides transparency on all corporate card transactions. Check and analyze expenditures directly in Yokoy, while card transactions are automatically reconciled with the uploaded receipts. The Yokoy Mastercard is free and we do not charge any additional card or foreign currency fees.

Icon of a Visa card

Yokoy corporate Visa Card EU (virtual card available)

Maximum flexibility and ease of use for all employees: leverage the full potential of the Yokoy spend management platform with our physical and virtual Yokoy Corporate Visa Cards. Take full control of your  corporate spending and save on all card and foreign currency fees. Until September 30, 2022 we also offer up to 2% cashback*!

Icon depicting several creditcards, symbolizing virtual cards

Yokoy corporate Visa card (virtual)

Our virtual card solution provides you with even more flexibility. Now you can equip your employees with a means of payment in seconds – tailored exactly to their needs.‍

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The future is simple

Put your expense management, invoice processing and smart company cards on a single platform: Yokoy automates your spend management with an AI powered all-in-one solution.

Frequently asked questions

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* Yokoy customers receive up to 2% cashback on every payment made with a Yokoy EU VISA card. This is valid up to a maximum of the recurring annual fees and only for Yokoy Corporate VISA Cards, excluding: 
– Incoming transfers to your Yokoy account made by you or a third party.
– Outgoing transfers from your Yokoy account. 
– Withdrawals from ATMs. 
– Chargebacks.
The cashback credit is limited in total to the recurring software fees.