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The promise of autonomous finance is revolutionary. But is complete automation in finance truly the path we must tread? Or should we proceed with caution?

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Lars Mangelsdorf

For too long, manual expense reporting has been the norm. In this article, we show you how to move from Excel expense reporting to full automation.

Andreea Macoveiciuc

Manual data entry for processing receipts is time-consuming and prone to errors. Here's how to automate the receipt extraction process with OCR and AI.

Lars Mangelsdorf

Learn how employee spend cards work and how to choose the best expense cards for contract employees from the different card types on the market.

Lars Mangelsdorf

What should a finance audit include? What's the difference between internal and external financial audits, and how to speed up the process with automation.

Lars Mangelsdorf

Here are the features global enterprises should look for when choosing invoice automation software for accelerating their AP process.

Lars Mangelsdorf

Smart corporate cards can be ordered on the go and the spend limits can be set individually, as needed. No bank calls, everything is done in the app.

Mauro Spadaro

Smart coding reduces the time and effort spent on processing invoices, automating the invoice coding step from end to end. See how it works.

Lars Mangelsdorf

How can construction firms tackle the challenges that come with traditional expense management processes? See how automating expense reporting can help.

Vishnuram Muthuraman

How are invoices coded in accounts payable? What are the challenges of manual invoice coding, and how can invoice processing automation help?

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