We’ve grown fast! And we will continue to do so. That’s why we’re always looking for talented individuals.


Our recruitment approach​

We thrive to offer our candidates the best hiring experience. Here’s what you can expect.​


Apply for one of our open roles through the job ad by submitting your CV and/or LinkedIn profile. You’ll hear back from our team within 5-8 business days.

Let’s get to know each other. During the first call, we want to find out more about you and your motivations. We will also introduce Yokoy to you on a high level.

We invite you to meet your future line manager, who will give you further insights into the role. This is the right time to ask any questions you might have.

During this step, we will dig deeper into your role-specific technical skills and competencies. We will give you plenty of time to prepare ahead of the interview.

Meeting the team allows you to get to know the people you’re going to work with. Make use of the encounter by soaking up the vibe within the team.

If everything goes well, we’ll send you an offer letter a few days after your final interview, outlining all important facts you need to know before joining us.

How we hire​​

When making a decision, we look for a match in three main areas.


Skills and competencies​​​

What work you’ve done in the past, what skills and competencies you’re bringing to the team – be them hard or soft, and what you’re best at.



What drives you in life and work, and what motivates you to join Yokoy. The learning curve will be steep, so we want to know you’re up for the challenge.


Value match​​​

We value diversity and have an inclusive culture, but we believe that aligning our values will make for a perfect match for everyone.

Our onboarding program​

We set you up for success with role-specific guided onboarding. 

Our People team will share resources you can read about Yokoy as well as your onboarding schedule. Your journey is about to begin!

On your first day at the office, our office managers will ensure you don’t miss anything. We will take care of everything from equipment to showing you around.

A 5-day general onboarding program with live sessions and presentations will give you all necessary insights into our teams, culture, and product.

You’ll continue your role-specific onboarding with your team and manager, and we’ll invite you to share feedback on your experience. Enjoy the journey!


Benefits we offer​

We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work beyond financial incentives.

Flexible working hours​

Everyone has their own productivity times. Have you found your sweet spot? Perfect – we look at the outcome, not the time of its making.

Offices in 6 locations ​

Yokoy’s offices are spread around Europe, in Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Madrid and Belgrade. Why not visit one of these places and work from there?

Corporate benefits​

Looking for a new pair of shoes or new sports equipment? Look no further! We offer attractive discounts on high-quality offers from different brands.

Remote working​

We enjoy in-person sessions and meeting people, but we have learned how to be efficient with working remotely. Make use of our different work models.

Fast-paced environment​

We love to see people thrive! You will be empowered to own and shape your work from day 1. Share your expertise and grow with us while facing a steep learning curve.

Parental leave​

At Yokoy, we value family connections and know financial concerns can disrupt them. We offer paid leave to both primary and secondary caregivers.

Relocation support​

Moving to a new country? We got you covered! We offer practical information in our Yokoy Relocation Guide to help you get started. Ask your recruiter for more details.

Company card

Every employee gets access to a smart company card. Our goal is to empower you to perform at your best by offering this straightforward resource.

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Join 250 employees from 35 different nationalities, based in 6 countries in Europe.

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