Manage expenses effortlessly

Streamline your expense management, simplify expense reporting, and prevent fraud with Yokoy’s AI-driven expense management solution.

GDPR compliant. ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified


Improve efficiency with automation​

Put your expense management on autopilot – including VAT reclaims and travel expense reporting.


Remove manual tasks​

Remove paperwork, eliminate manual data entry, and automate repetitive tasks with AI, so you can focus on what really matters.


Streamline your process​

Consolidate and streamline your expense process from end to end, with AI-powered data processing and seamless integrations.


Reimburse employees faster​

Keep your employees happy and ensure timely reimbursements with automated reconciliation and approval flows.

Modern and intuitive experience

Yokoy is built with usability at its core, so you can submit, process, approve, and reimburse expenses on the go. The AI does the work in the background, so you can keep track of expenses, stay in control, and enjoy the same seamless experience across devices.


Paperless process​, from submission to reimbursement

Simplify administration, eliminate human errors, and unburden your employees and finance teams with a digital-first process. Close the books in a timely manner and with higher accuracy.

Centralized expense management

Remove the hassle of managing multiple cards or reconciling business expenses manually by fully centralizing and automating your travel payments.


On processes 10k expenses monthly with Yokoy

“Yokoy has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing our expense management as we experience rapid global growth. The automation rate of nearly 90% is impressive, allowing us to handle a vast number of expenses with ease.”

Christoph Kühne, Group Finance, On


Full control over employee spend

Enforce your travel policy, issue a limited number of cards, and make sure card limits aren’t exceeded with real-time spend controls. Set individual spend limits and assign spend categories to avoid fraud and overspending.

Automated transaction reconciliation

Yokoy’s AI matches incoming card payments with expenses automatically, detecting duplicates in real time so you avoid fraudulent payments and reimbursing employees twice.


Automated expense claim approval process

Automatically submit expense receipts to the correct cost object owners or line managers, with hierarchical and threshold based multi-step escalation. Yokoy enables dynamic approval workflows for complex T&E setups.

Fully automated reimbursements

Simplify your reimbursement process by fully automating the approval of expenses that fit within certain spend thresholds. If you want to tighten your spend control, you can always add additional approval steps in the workflows. 


DO & CO tracks expenses in real time with Yokoy

“Yokoy’s integrated corporate credit card solution played a pivotal role in our decision-making process. The seamless data transfer streamlines expense tracking, minimizing manual efforts and significantly enhancing efficiency.”

Johannes Echeverria, CFO at DO & CO


Built-in compliance

Effortlessly enforce your travel and expense policies with Yokoy’s built-in compliance capabilities. Create custom workflows and approval flows to automatically approve expense claims, and detect policy breaches in real time to prevent fraudulent expense reimbursements.

Automated audit trails

Automate receipt collection and storage and keep track of your expense claims and approvals in one central dashboard. Yokoy stores all your receipts in digital format for further checks, for simple audit trails and fast financial reporting.


Automated booking to ERP​​

Remove data silos for true end-to-end automation. Yokoy automatically synchronises with the master data and exports all the financial booking to the ERP system, so you can close your books in time. 

Faster month-end closing

Forget about chasing receipts and manually reconciling expenses with card transactions. Yokoy automates your expense management from end to end, for fast and effortless month-end closing.


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What our customers say

4.5 based on 124 reviews
Raphael WidmerCFO, Stadler Rail
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"At Stadler Rail, we’ve automated our global expense management process with Yokoy. This means Yokoy’s Artificial Intelligence does the repetitive work for us and we only check outliers and exceptions manually, which saves us time and money."
Enver SirucicCFO BAWAG Group
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"Yokoy stands out as a visionary company that offers a truly unique solution. Their customer success team has played a pivotal role in automating our spend management processes."
Christoph KühneGroup Finance, On
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"Yokoy has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing our expense management as we experience rapid global growth. The automation rate of nearly 90% is impressive, allowing us to handle a vast number of expenses with ease and export them within a day."
Christoph JennyCo-founder, Planted
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"A corporate card should be secure and uncomplicated - and this is exactly what the Yokoy Mastercard offers. In addition, the card is smart, saving us significant time."
Yvonne GrossVP of Finance & Operations, Daedalean
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"Yokoy and Travelperk helped us with end-to-end travel expense management automation. Now employees easily book trips in TravelPerk, and all data is sent to Yokoy in real time, with all compliance checks and VAT validation already in place."
Marianne SchluepHead of Finance and Accounting, Fenaco
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"With Yokoy, we have opted for a uniform and group-wide expense management solution that unifies our different expense processes on one platform and automates them across organizations. This guarantees company-wide compliance and increased efficiency."
Michael Kultscher-BurgerTeamlead Accounts Payable & Receivable, DO & CO
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"One unified process for the entire DO & CO Group. Yokoy enables us to collaborate optimally across all locations and entities."
Peter GrausgruberFormer CFO, Bitpanda
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"For the long term, we are interested in an all-in-one solution that covers all spend processes in the company. With Yokoy, we have the perfect solution for that."
Mirko BrudermannCFO, FC Basel
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"The expense process before Yokoy was extremely laborious. It's great to have a solution with which we can record and submit expenses anytime and anywhere."
Tania ThiebachFormer CFO, Sherpany
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"Before Yokoy, our expense process was mostly manual and time consuming. Now, we've standardized and streamlined it. The AI magic is truly doing most of the work."
Vivian MohrFormer CFO, Comparis
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"Yokoy is very easy to use, which saves us time and makes it efficient. The connection to the ERP works smoothly and provides real-time data for credit card transactions."
Benjamin KasumiSAP Consultant, Bawag
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"With their guidance and automation capabilities, we streamlined our finance processes, resulting in a remarkable 70% faster book closure. Yokoy has truly transformed our financial management, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Ebru AricanFormer Head of Group Controlling & Accounting, Ameropa
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"We were impressed by Yokoy’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider."
Herbert SablotnyCFO, Beekeeper
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"We had an aha-moment when we realized that with Yokoy it only takes a few seconds to create a report compared to the many hours in the past."
Rafael SayaSenior Finance Manager, ITA
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"Before, when a receipt was missing, our Finance team had to chase after it. Now, it's Yokoy doing it automatically - pre-filling all the information with high accuracy."
Nilgün Kilit Former Team Lead Accounting and Patient Billing, Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic
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"We had the Yokoy software demonstrated to us and it was clear that we had to have it. This is how software has to be today, as intuitive as a smartphone app."
Marcel P. de BoniManaging Director, ECOVIS
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"We’ve tested other expense tools before, but Yokoy represents a new level of automation thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and well-designed interface."

Yokoy Expense at a glance


Take a photo of your receipt directly in your Yokoy expense management software or upload it to your mobile or web app. Alternatively, you can also forward the receipt to Yokoy as an email attachment.

Yokoy’s OCR automatically reads and extracts all relevant information from the receipt. Yokoy’s AI engine then fills the expenses report with all relevant information such as Merchant, Expense country & currency, total amount, expense category and multiple VAT.

Yokoy checks the expense report against relevant company policies and local regulatory policies, triggering notifications in case of potential fraudulent items, policy breaches, and missing VAT rates. Our AI model learns and gets smarter with every processed expense report.

Yokoy automatically identifies the approval steps for the expense based on the cost object or line manager. The tool offers customizable approval flows, allowing you to set multi-level conditional workflows. 

If no policy violations are detected, the approved expenses are automatically booked to the ERP system. Yokoy connects with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many more.

Yokoy ensures that all processed expenses are archived according to regulatory standards, simplifying the reporting process and preparing you for upcoming financial audits.

Consolidate your travel expenses​

Integrate Yokoy with your travel provider, automatically issue per diems and reimburse mileage allowances with Yokoy Expense, and pay for business travel expenses securely with the Yokoy Smart Lodge Card.


Main features

Get to know our expense automation solution.

Country-specific per diems​

Issue country-specific per diems automatically to meet the requirements of your legal entities. Yokoy supports requirements such as the 3-month rule or midnight rule. 

Automated mileage reimbursements​

Optimize your travel management and let AI calculate mileage expenses for you. Employees fill in the starting point and destination – Yokoy does the rest.

Custom work- and approval flows​

Streamline your expense reporting and employee reimbursement processes by setting up auto-approvals and custom rules for triggering each flow.

Fully automated travel expense management​

Yokoy automates the travel expense management process from receipt scanning to reimbursement, saving you time and ensuring policy compliance.

Automated global VAT readouts​

Yokoy recognizes and extracts global VAT rates from receipts, and integrates with your accounting software and ERP system, making it easy for you file VAT reclaims and get money back.

Real-time data analytics​​

Track employee expenses in real time and get full visibility into your business spend with real-time, AI-powered reporting.

Built-in compliance​

Keep employee spending under control and prevent overspending, flag fraudulent items and policy breaches in real time, and enforce compliance through automated checks.

Easy and efficient audit process​​

Yokoy simplifies expense tracking, recording all expense reports and allowing for a fully transparent expense process, thus forming a single point of truth during audits.

Multi entity support​

Streamline complex AP and T&E processes across entities and subsidiaries, and standardize your workflows for increased efficiency and control with a central spend management platform. 

World-class service and support​

Get answers to your questions right away, troubleshoot issues with help from our experts, and improve your knowledge with in-depth live and self-guided Academy trainings.

Streamline your
IT landscape

Yokoy’s API facilitates seamless integrations with enterprise-level systems for end-to-end automation across entities and geographies.


Simplify your spend management

The Yokoy impact

See how we contribute to our customers’ success stories.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can buy each Yokoy module separately. However, using the full suite provides greater benefits, as you can manage your expenses, invoices, and card payments in one central platform, and you can reduce system and data silos by simplifying ERP integrations.

Yes, Yokoy integrates with more than 50 solutions, automating your entire spend management process from end to end. At the same time, our API makes it easy to build custom integrations, if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Check our Integrations page for more details.

Yes, although we serve both midsize and large customers, Yokoy’s added value is best experience by global enterprise customers. Our suite is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations, and integrates with most enterprise ERP & HRM tools such as SAP R3/S4 and Successfactors, among others.

This depends on your IT landscape and the required configurations and integrations. For example, a global implementation with 2 legal entities, an ERP system integration, credit card integrations, and SSO setup takes about 2 months. The projects are carried out either by the Yokoy Services team or a certified Implementation Partner.

Yes, our Implementation team will lead the project from planning to implementation and testing, and will coordinate training workshops for your team. Global enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated Key Account Manager and financial process consulting from our in-house finance experts.

We use modern data encryption standards for both stored data and data in transit. Additionally, we work with external penetration testers (hackers) to constantly challenge our platform’s vulnerabilities. We adhere to local regulations such as GDPR in the EU or the Swiss Data Protection Act, to deliver the best data protection standards.

Given that no two setups are the same, we’ll discuss your specific needs during the sales process, and provide you with a tailored offer that ensures you’ll get the most out of our spend management suite.

Let AI do the work

Gain full visibility and control over your business spend with AI-powered automation.