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The transfer of data between the European Union and the United States is probably one of the most contentious privacy topics of the past few years. The following blog article shall shed some light on the adequacy decision published by the European Commission on July 10, 2023, and the new

What the press says about Yokoy

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"Sequoia Capital is betting the next European tech giant will emerge in Switzerland."
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"Schweizer Fintech greift SAP in Buchhaltung an."
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"Companies Look to Control Spending in Uncertain Economy. Yokoy’s AI software designs end-to-end automation for invoice processing and expense management."
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"Mit Spesenabrechnungen per App und künstlicher Intelligenz in den Tech-Olymp."
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"La 'fintech' suiza Yokoy desembarca en España."
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"Yokoy: Wenn Spesen auf künstliche Intelligenz treffen"
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"Las mujeres que lideran las fintech en Europa: Melanie Gabriel (Cofundadora y CMO de Yokoy)."
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"Yokoy ist das jüngste Beispiel einer Reihe von Fintechs, die in der Schweiz erste Erfolge feiern und von dort aus nach dem europäischen Markt greifen."

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