The Academy

Yokoy’s central learning and training unit for customers and partners.

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Handbooks and training blueprints​

Become a Yokoy expert and gain full confidence to roll out end-user trainings in your company.

Yokoy Pay Guide

Learn more about your role as a cardholder and/or card admin of Yokoy and UBS cards.

Yokoy Expense Guide

Learn more about the Yokoy Expense module and become an expert in your role.

Yokoy Invoice Guide

Learn more about the Yokoy Invoice module and become an expert in your role.

Self-guided training

On-demand flash learning

Watch the instructor-led sessions to get started with Yokoy, or refresh your knowledge of our spend management suite. See a sample video here.

Academy-guided training

Partner certification program​​

Become a certified Yokoy Implementation Partner with the Academy onboarding program.

Help center

Your go-to resource when looking for quick reference guides.

Academy-guided training

Custom trainings​

The Academy provides custom training content and live sessions upon request to customers who are seeking a more individual training experience.

Product updates