Building trust is Yokoy's DNA

Yokoy is engineered for security and committed to information protection.

eIDAS Q-Seal compliant — ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified — GDPR compliant.



ISO 27001​​

By adhering to the ISO 27001 standard that provides guidelines for implementing and maintaining an efficient information security management system, Yokoy commits to safeguarding data and instilling trust in clients.

ISO 9001​​

By adhering to the ISO 9001 quality management standard, Yokoy establishes robust quality control mechanisms for its products and services, streamlines operations, and maintains a customer-centric approach.

ISO 14001​​

By implementing ISO 14001, Yokoy demonstrates its commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices, including efficient use of resources and compliance with environmental regulations.

Legal and compliance documents

Claudio Berther, Legal Counsel & DPO
Claudio Berther, Legal Counsel & DPO
Christina Täuber,  Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
Christina Täuber, Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

We are actively dedicating resources to our compliance program and are committed to providing our customers with all relevant security documentation to build a foundation of trust in our company and products.

Compliance center

Learn how we navigate the complexities of regulatory frameworks and how our product adheres to local laws wherever your business operates.