Why Yokoy?

At Yokoy, we believe that every company deserves a smarter way to manage their spend – and save while spending.

Our vision is to help companies save money on every dollar spent.​

Our AI-powered suite is designed to transform spend management for midsize companies and global enterprises, empowering you to save while spending.

How are we doing it?

We’re building a future where companies manage their money efficiently, safely, and compliantly, with as little human intervention as possible, by relying on AI and automation.

And that’s because we believe technology should work alongside people, instead of replacing them. 

With Yokoy, you can say goodbye to inefficient processes and welcome a new era of cost optimization. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate and streamline your spend management, allowing you to uncover savings opportunities at every turn.

No longer will you be burdened with manual expense tracking or overwhelmed by complex financial data. Yokoy simplifies the entire process, providing you with actionable insights and real-time analytics, ensuring that your financial decisions are backed by data-driven intelligence.

Whether you’re a midsize company seeking growth or a global enterprise aiming for financial excellence, Yokoy is your trusted partner in achieving optimal spend management. Join us today and unlock the power of saving while spending.


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With Yokoy, your savings compound.

Whether it’s accounts payable, expense reimbursements, travel bookings, or card transactions, Yokoy helps you cut both direct and indirect costs, while finding savings opportunities at every step of the process. 

From data entry to transaction matching and validation, Yokoy replaces manual tasks with AI-powered automation, maximizing your efficiency and cutting process costs. 

Through automated workflows and built-in compliance checks, Yokoy minimizes the time spent approving invoice payments and expense reimbursements, saving you both time and money.  

Finally, by automating VAT reclaims, centralizing card payments, and reducing the risk of fraud, Yokoy helps you find spend optimization opportunities and gets you money back on every transaction.

In the end, it all adds up. 


Cut process costs

Inefficient processes cost you time and money. Yokoy cuts indirect costs through AI-powered automation.

Yokoy’s AI technology captures invoice, expense, and trip data automatically, helping you save time when receiving invoices or submitting business and travel expenses.

Yokoy’s self-learning algorithms reduce the time spent manually matching, checking, and validating expenses and invoices. Our technology learns with every invoice and expense processed, becoming more and more accurate over time.

Yokoy’s built-in rules flag non-compliant expenses and duplicate submissions, detecting fraudulent expenses automatically and reducing the time spent on manual checks.

Reduce the number of approval steps with custom approval flows. Incorporating hierarchical and threshold-based multi-step escalation, Yokoy determines the required approval steps dynamically, based on supplier, amount, or PO.

Find savings opportunities

Yokoy makes your spend data available in real time, helping you find cost-saving opportunities and automating VAT reclaims at scale.

Yokoy’s AI extracts all the relevant invoice data for header and line items, including tax amounts, automating the VAT reclaiming process. The algorithm gets smarter over time, ensuring a high extraction accuracy for amounts and country-specific tax rates.

Analyze your spend patterns in real time to spot outliers, areas of overspend, and potentially fraudulent activities. Find cost saving opportunities with Yokoy’s flexible analytics module.

Centralize your business payments with Yokoy’s smart corporate cards and smart lodge card and benefit from cashback on every transaction.


Simplify your spend management