Delivering Efficiency: Crisp Fuels Growth with Yokoy in Finance

Rachel Steding
Rachel Steding

Head of Customer Success, Yokoy

With the shortest route from farm to fork, app-only supermarket Crisp delivers fresh groceries for affordable prices, right to households in The Netherlands and Flanders. The majority of the assortment consists of seasonal products coming from more than 800 small-scale farmers and food suppliers. With an app that’s easy to navigate and a service to rely on, Crisp fixes the food system by serving better food to the many.   

Problem: Keeping Pace in Finance

As Crisp experienced rapid growth, financial efficiency became a priority, keeping pace with an exponential increase of invoices and expenses. “Growth has always been one of our key drivers in our value creation strategy. Accurate & timely supplier invoicing and expense processing in a multi-country, multi-entity environment is challenging”, said Dorien Kampherbeek, CFO at Crisp. 


The existing invoice solution, fell short in extracting complete and accurate data such as line items, VAT and invoice issuers. Manual expense reimbursements became a time-consuming task.   

Solution: Serving Up Efficiency with End-to-end Automation

"To enable efficiency and allow further growth, Yokoy stepped in with a scalable, automated solution that proved to be pivotal to our financial admin processes. It was essential to implement a spend management tool that not only integrated perfectly with our own backend but could also be customized according to our specific needs and wishes”

The advantage? Everything from a single source. Quickly scalable. End-to-end automation. The adoption of Yokoy not only accelerated processes but also brought a level of efficiency and security unmatched by other providers. 

Impact: Future-proofed Financial Administration

Yokoy’s integration allowed strong optimizations that were beneficial to business processes. Dorien Kampherbeek, CFO at Crisp, tells us that “the data capture qualities of the tool increased our process accuracy and decreased human intervention. Employees felt liberated from manual checks, redirecting their efforts to more meaningful financial administration work“. 


Beyond efficiency gains, Yokoy’s impact extended to revenue generation through the Yokoy Pay card program. Crisp harnessed cashback from media spend on platforms like Google Ads and Meta, surpassing total license fees for Yokoy. Employees, typically reserved about financial software, embraced Yokoy’s intuitive app for quick expense submissions and swift reimbursements, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. 


With Yokoy, Crisp has not only future-proofed its financial administration but has also set the stage for continued growth.  

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