How DO & CO Saved 750 Working Hours with Smart Corporate Cards

Rachel Steding
Rachel Steding

Head of Customer Success, Yokoy

As a listed Austrian company, with three business segments of Airline Catering, International Event Catering, and Restaurants, Lounges & Hotel, DO & CO offers Gourmet Entertainment all over the world.


The company operates 32 locations in 12 countries on 3 continents – maintaining the highest standard of quality in both products and services.

Company overview

Vienna, Austria

11,411 employees

Hospitality & Catering

152 users

5 entities live

Yokoy Expense, Yokoy Pay

Challenge: A fragmented tech stack & non-transparent approval processes

Being successful in gourmet food in an international market is a highly competitive game and has little margin for error in any area of the business, much less in spend management, where DO & CO’s original approach was mostly traditional, with a mix of both manual and digital processes.


“Before implementing Yokoy, we faced the challenges with documents went astray, shuffled between departments, and data was duplicated owing to manual input and a lack of comprehensive financial oversight.


This inconsistency in expense management led to varying workflows and approval processes across our business units.”, says Johannes Echeverria, CFO at DO & CO.

Solution: Smart company cards – a clever connector

With a dual solution made up of Yokoy’s expense management tool and smart corporate cards solutions DO & CO has been able to optimize their T&E (travel and expenses) process, helping them meet several business objectives in one go.

"Yokoy's integrated corporate credit card solution played a pivotal role in our decision-making process. The seamless data transfer streamlines expense tracking, minimizing manual efforts and significantly enhancing efficiency."


Manual data entry is now a thing of the past and the overall expense management process isn’t just automated and leaps ahead in efficiency, but now follows standardized approval workflows predefined by the finance team.


This means that each expense is automatically matched against transaction data, checked for compliance, and categorized by the tool.

Impact: Total control – where it matters most

When DO & CO adopted Yokoy’s spend management suite into their financial framework, it wasn’t long before they saw results. Within a year, the company achieved exceptional outcomes, including a substantial 57% reduction in costs associated with their expense management process.


saved through automation

0 x

return on investment


of all expenses paid with company cards


cost reduction in processing expenses

One of the critical factors behind this rapid success was the implementation of Yokoy Pay that, with Yokoy’s artificial intelligence technology, gives the finance team real-time control and oversight over all spending, making it easy to spot outliers, act fast whenever needed, and stick to budgets.

“Yokoy's automation tool has delivered DO & CO an outstanding 550% ROI, proving its value. Improved data quality helps us to unlock new analytical possibilities and cost-saving opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

With 75% of all DO & CO’s expenses being paid with these smart corporate cards, automating expense matching and eliminating tedious manual checking, the company has saved around 750 working hours, which is now freed up for employees to focus on more strategic tasks and core business activities.

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