Spend management for finance leaders

Automating expense management, invoice processing and company payments with artificial intelligence.

Expense management

Yokoy takes care of the entire expense process by using artificial intelligence, from submitting the receipt to exporting it to the ERP system.

Invoice processing

Yokoy automates your invoice processing. Our AI captures data, matches it, and books it. Custom approval flows allow for more transparency, insights, and control.


Our free smart cards allow you full control over your spend and make card administration a breeze.

How much can you save with Yokoy?

Get to know our new powerful add on

Bridge the gap between business travel and expense management: With the Yokoy Smart Lodge Card you can automatically reconcile transactions, while gaining real-time transparency over your travel spend. No transaction fees, no foreign exchange fees, no card fees.

Reach financial excellence

What makes Yokoy different from all the others?

Higher efficiency with accounts payable automation

Seamless and fully automated accounts payable process ensures compliance and correct booking in downstream systems thanks to artificial intelligence.

Actionable insights in real time

Full transparency, real time comprehensive spend insights and in-depth data analysis driving better strategic decisions.

Maximum flexibility thanks to individual process flows

Tailor your own approval flows, enforce internal policies and comply with local tax laws and regulations in our no-code platform with ease.

Seamless integrations into your system landscape

Integrates with major third-party tools from ERP to HR systems as well as an open API


Make confident decisions based on real-time spend insights

The future of spend management is not only about automated financial processes, but also in gaining new insights into your expenditures. This is what Yokoy Analytics is built for: analyze your spending patterns, identify trends, and make better decisions.

A new era in spend management

Lack of control in company spending is an everyday struggle for financial leaders. With Yokoy you can finally reach financial excellence.

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