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Melanie Gabriel
Melanie Gabriel

Co-founder & CMO, Yokoy

Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic has been active in accident rehabilitation for almost 50 years.


This specialist clinic has recently undergone a fundamental structural and organizational overhaul. In the wake of this, digitalisation has also been advanced: software from Yokoy now relieves the financial department of repetitive manual spend management processes.

High above the Reuss Valley, on the south-western slope of Heitersberg, sits Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic. Here, people who have their lives completely turned around by an accident can recover. Almost 700 employees look after the well-being of 4500 patients per year in Bellikon.


Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic is a Suva company and has been active in accident rehabilitation for almost 50 years. This specialist clinic has recently undergone fundamental structural and organizational renovation. Forming a central control point within the company are the accounting and patient billing departments. They are headed by Nilgün Kilit. During her professional career, she has dealt with business management as well as technical issues. She has been working for Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic for two years and has been able to advance digitalisation here.


“I love my job,” Nilgün Kilit explains in a personal conversation, “I can redesign work processes and make them more efficient.” There is “great potential” for optimisation. However, she adds that “digitalisation is very complex in the health sector.” This is also due to the fact that this sector is highly regulated and many requirements have to be observed, for example when it comes to data protection.

Nilgün chose Yokoy’s software to make spend management more efficient. She reports that she did not make the decision lightly. Since this company is still very young, she took a closer look and was reassured by the fact that Yokoy was able to attract major Swiss companies as investors. “We had the Yokoy software demonstrated to us, and after the first presentation it was already clear that we had to have it. This is how software has to be today, as intuitive as a smartphone app.”


To understand this enthusiasm, one has to imagine how tedious reporting expenses used to be for the employees: they had to enter their expenses by hand in a form, then look for the boss to sign it, and then finally go to a counter – only available for four hours per week – to hand in the papers.


It is therefore not surprising that Nilgün did not have to do much convincing to get the staff to use the new software: “The software spoke for itself, people were very impressed when they saw it.” Compared to competing products, the Yokoy solution is “more powerful, but at the same time more intuitive as well”: “I don’t have to do several hours of training, I don’t have to read thick documentation to get along with it. This software works like the apps you use on your smartphone in your spare time.”

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