Simple, efficient and modern expense management at HGC

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Rachel Steding

Head of Customer Success, Yokoy

With a guiding principle of “Simple & Efficient”, HG COMMERCIALE (HGC) has been a leading supplier to the construction industry for over 125 years, renowned for its reliable delivery and dependability. But when it looked inside the company, it was clear it didn’t have the technology to deliver on its principles for its own people.

Challenge: Error-prone and expensive tools

HGC had embraced digital expense systems long ago, but the technology was outdated, causing much frustration for employees and its finance team. People struggled to upload receipts, and claims could only be submitted once a month, leaving the finance team spending hours chasing paper receipts and delaying month-end as they process waited for all transactions to come in before starting the accounting process.


Add to that high support costs, lack of a native app, and susceptibility to errors and it was clear HGC needed a modern, more intuitive tool.

Solution: Easy submission, AI-powered verification

With Yokoy Expense, HGC found a modern solution that revolutionised how employees submitted receipts, and gave its finance team real-time visibility into how the company was spending.


With Yokoy Expense, it’s now possible for employees to finalise expense claims in less than a minute. When it comes to business lunches, it’s a case of “Eat, photograph, done” and Yokoy’s AI takes care of the rest.


Built-in functionality such as transaction matching and extended filter options improve the view its finance teams get and enable precise checks on receipt.

"I'm really impressed with the new filter function in the receipt check. It enables precise spot checks based on threshold values or cost categories without me having to go through every single receipt."

And with an integration into its HR and payroll tool, Abacus, as well as its SAP ERP system, data flows seamlessly through the company, and gives the team end-to-end visibility.


As expenses come in, Yokoy intelligently routes them to the right place, exporting directly to either the ERP tool or the HR tool depending on the type of expense.

Impact: Speed, transparency and user satisfaction

“Yokoy has brought about a 180-degree turnaround in terms of efficiency and user satisfaction,” says Pascal.


With Yokoy, HGC achieved:

  • Hundreds of hours saved for employees, managers, and the finance team

  • 200% increase in efficiency from automating costly manual tasks

  • Increased visibility for finance leaders and faster time to close the books
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Increase in efficiency in expense management

1 in 4

Reimbursements processed within just 24 hours

4.6 Days

Average processing time for expenses 

The average processing time for a receipt today is just 4.6 days, with one in four reimbursements processed within just 24 hours, massively reducing HGC’s costs of manually processing every receipt.


HGC’s entire expense management system now runs quietly in the background without any support effort, removing the burden from its finance team and providing its people with a better user experience.

"HGC is convinced of Yokoy's ambitions and innovative strength as well as the rapid technical development of its products."

See Yokoy in action

Bring your expenses, supplier invoices, and corporate card payments into one fully integrated platform, powered by AI technology. 

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