Automated invoice processing powered by AI

Gain real-time cost-transparency and actionable insights by leveraging AI-powered invoice automation.

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Reach a new level of cost transparency

Whether you are a CFO trying to get a real-time overview of the cash flow, or an accountant handling hundreds of invoices on a daily-basis – Yokoy automates your entire invoice processing by means of sophisticated AI-models. Our automated invoice processing software provides you with comprehensive cost transparency and puts you in full control of corporate spending, while ensuring that all invoices are handled and filed correctly.

Yokoy’s AI simplifies your life

Benefits of our automated invoice processing software

Define your individual approval flow

Map out the entire invoice approval flow within Yokoy and define how exceptions should be handled. Thus, you will reach exactly the level of automation that you envision.

Gain full transparency

Stay on top of every invoice running through the system:  
Yokoy provides you with full transparency and enables you to monitor the status of each and every invoice in real time.

Ensure cost-efficiency and compliance

Keep track of every purchase and gain full control of your spending. Yokoy matches documents from three different sources –  invoices, POs and goods receipts – and highlights anomalies automatically so you can take action quickly.

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Purchase Order Matching

Yokoy ensures that invoices are only processed if there is an approved purchase order. In addition, you can also process a mixture of PO and non-PO based invoices in your organization.

Flexibly handle your invoices

Yokoy captures all the relevant information on the invoice and lets you define which line items you want to pay for. You can also decide, whether a cost object is supposed to be handled in our expense or our invoice solution – or in both.

Leverage state-of-the-art usability

Thanks to Yokoy’s intuitive design, all invoice information is available at a glance, including details such as supplier name, invoice ID, invoice number or the service date.

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Fully automated invoice processing

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Invoice upload

Scan paper-based invoices and import them to Yokoy via email or direct upload.

You can also automate this process, if electronic invoice data is available.

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Automated invoice capture

Yokoy reads the entire invoice using optical character recognition (OCR). Our AI recognizes and validates all the components of the invoice (e.g. the supplier, date, purchase order number, amount, line items) and matches it to the respective supplier.

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Customized approval process

Map your individual approval process directly in Yokoy and automate it as much as you want. For example by including automatic approval if a pre-approved purchase order is available.

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Automatic export and archiving

Yokoy integrates with all major financial systems, building the foundation for real end-to-end automated invoicing. In addition, Yokoy ensures that data is archived according to regulatory standards, preparing you for the next financial audit.

Get to know our smart corporate cards

Are you frequently making payments to specific vendors, e.g. for licenses or subscription fees? Then it is time to enter the future of payments: our smart corporate cards can be used flexibly, while giving you detailed insights into your corporate spending.

Make confident decisions based on real-time spend insights

The future of spend management is not only about automated financial processes, but also in gaining new insights into your expenditures. This is what Yokoy Analytics is built for: analyze your spending patterns, identify trends, and make better decisions.

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Invoice processing fully automated

Upload invoices and let our artificial intelligence of Yokoy do the rest.

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