Yokoy & Pagero: 100% automated invoice processing

Yokoy integrates seamlessly with Pagero’s cloud-based e-invoicing solution, for a fully digital and fully automated AP process, from invoicing to payment.


Why choose Yokoy & Pagero

Achieve 100% digital invoicing and full AP automation


Act compliantly

Stay up to date and comply with global e-invoicing and continuous transaction controls (CTC) regulations, automatically.  


Process invoices accurately

Receive your electronic invoice data directly in Yokoy, in real time. Process invoices accurately and eliminate errors and discrepancies. 


Pay suppliers on time

Prevent payment delays and maximize supplier discounts by speeding up the invoice processing and posting.

Managing invoices has never been easier

The Yokoy x Pagero integration makes invoice management simple, fast, and effortless. Pagero processes and validates your e-invoices and sends them to Yokoy automatically. Yokoy takes care of the rest, automating the entire AP process with the power of AI. 


Process any invoice format

Process any invoice and e-invoice format automatically, from paper invoices to PDF, EDI, XML, and more. Through this integration, you can achieve 100% digital document flows in your AP process.

Enforce compliance automatically

Pagero enables you to easily comply with local e-invoicing and CTC regulations and become ViDa ready. Yokoy’s AI ensures your internal approval flows are enforced, and keeps you compliant with local and international regulations. 


Reduce invoice processing time

Yokoy’s seamless integration with Pagero ensures complete data transfer, allowing for accurate AI-based smart line-item coding and automated 2- and 3-way matching. Set up custom approval flows for automated invoice validation and authorization.   

Simplify your tech landscape

The Pagero x Yokoy integration enables you to reach all your suppliers through a single connection. While Pagero takes care of your e-invoices, Yokoy automates the entire accounts payable process and connects to your ERP, enforcing governance across global entities and speeding up supplier payments.


How the integration works

Pagero connects with your suppliers, processing and validating electronic invoices from government hubs, the Peppol network, 3rd party networks, direct connections, or the Pagero portal itself. The platform takes care of format conversion while preserving the authenticity and integrity of data.

Through seamless data exchange with Pagero, Yokoy receives the invoices automatically and populates all relevant data fields, removing manual work. 

Yokoy’s AI technology reviews the invoice data, matches it, flags exceptions, and approves the invoices based on internal rules, booking the approved e-invoices to your accounting system for payment.

What our customers say

4.5 based on 124 reviews
Raphael WidmerCFO, Stadler Rail
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"At Stadler Rail, we’ve automated our global expense management process with Yokoy. This means Yokoy’s Artificial Intelligence does the repetitive work for us and we only check outliers and exceptions manually, which saves us time and money."
Enver SirucicCFO BAWAG Group
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"Yokoy stands out as a visionary company that offers a truly unique solution. Their customer success team has played a pivotal role in automating our spend management processes."
Christoph KühneGroup Finance, On
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"Yokoy has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing our expense management as we experience rapid global growth. The automation rate of nearly 90% is impressive, allowing us to handle a vast number of expenses with ease and export them within a day."
Christoph JennyCo-founder, Planted
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"A corporate card should be secure and uncomplicated - and this is exactly what the Yokoy Mastercard offers. In addition, the card is smart, saving us significant time."
Yvonne GrossVP of Finance & Operations, Daedalean
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"Yokoy and Travelperk helped us with end-to-end travel expense management automation. Now employees easily book trips in TravelPerk, and all data is sent to Yokoy in real time, with all compliance checks and VAT validation already in place."
Marianne SchluepHead of Finance and Accounting, Fenaco
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"With Yokoy, we have opted for a uniform and group-wide expense management solution that unifies our different expense processes on one platform and automates them across organizations. This guarantees company-wide compliance and increased efficiency."
Michael Kultscher-BurgerTeamlead Accounts Payable & Receivable, DO & CO
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"One unified process for the entire DO & CO Group. Yokoy enables us to collaborate optimally across all locations and entities."
Peter GrausgruberFormer CFO, Bitpanda
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"For the long term, we are interested in an all-in-one solution that covers all spend processes in the company. With Yokoy, we have the perfect solution for that."
Mirko BrudermannCFO, FC Basel
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"The expense process before Yokoy was extremely laborious. It's great to have a solution with which we can record and submit expenses anytime and anywhere."
Tania ThiebachFormer CFO, Sherpany
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"Before Yokoy, our expense process was mostly manual and time consuming. Now, we've standardized and streamlined it. The AI magic is truly doing most of the work."
Vivian MohrFormer CFO, Comparis
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"Yokoy is very easy to use, which saves us time and makes it efficient. The connection to the ERP works smoothly and provides real-time data for credit card transactions."
Benjamin KasumiSAP Consultant, Bawag
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"With their guidance and automation capabilities, we streamlined our finance processes, resulting in a remarkable 70% faster book closure. Yokoy has truly transformed our financial management, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Ebru AricanFormer Head of Group Controlling & Accounting, Ameropa
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"We were impressed by Yokoy’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider."
Herbert SablotnyCFO, Beekeeper
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"We had an aha-moment when we realized that with Yokoy it only takes a few seconds to create a report compared to the many hours in the past."
Rafael SayaSenior Finance Manager, ITA
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"Before, when a receipt was missing, our Finance team had to chase after it. Now, it's Yokoy doing it automatically - pre-filling all the information with high accuracy."
Nilgün Kilit Former Team Lead Accounting and Patient Billing, Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic
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"We had the Yokoy software demonstrated to us and it was clear that we had to have it. This is how software has to be today, as intuitive as a smartphone app."
Marcel P. de BoniManaging Director, ECOVIS
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"We’ve tested other expense tools before, but Yokoy represents a new level of automation thanks to the tool’s artificial intelligence and well-designed interface."

Simplify your spend management

Main features

Get to know our invoice automation solution.

Secure data exchange

Encrypted file transfer and secure networks all make e-invoicing the safest way to receive invoices. There’s also no risk of invoices being lost in the mail or sent to spam.

Handle all invoice types

Centralize your invoices on one platform. Yokoy Invoice supports e-invoices as well as paper-based invoices. 

Smart line-item coding

Speed up invoice processing by letting AI do the work. Yokoy automatically assign a GL account prediction for each invoice document. 

Fulfil legal requirements

Ensures you are always up to date and compliant with B2B and B2G tax and archiving legislation.

Automated matching

Yokoy performs 2- and 3-way matching by importing procurement data from your ERP system and automatically detects anomalies, so you can take action in real time.

Automated compliance checks

Yokoy automatically performs validation on invoice documents by checking if the invoice is a duplicate and if payment data is up to date with the one imported from the ERP.

Custom work- and approval flows

Map out your invoice workflows, tailor them by defining approvals through cost objects, suppliers, or line managers, and define exception handling rules. 

Process invoices across devices

With Yokoy’s intuitive design, all invoice details are available at a glance and at your fingertips, regardless of which device you use.

Frequently asked questions​

An e-invoice, short for electronic invoice, is a digitally generated, transmitted, received, processed, and stored invoice that adheres to specific document formats. Unlike traditional paper invoices, e-invoices are entirely digital, from creation to archival, encompassing the entire document life cycle. 

Yokoy Expense and Yokoy Invoice can be purchased separately, however Yokoy Pay is not available without also purchasing Yokoy Expense. Using the full suite provides greater benefits, as you can manage your expenses, invoices, and card payments in one central platform, and you can reduce system and data silos by simplifying ERP integrations.

The approval workflow can be defined flexibly based on the company’s needs. In order to give a higher level of automation and reducing processing time we recommend to set up either a cost object, supplier or line manager based approval workflow.

When a PO is in place, the invoice only needs to be manually edited in one place with one click: When it is reviewed to be approved. After that, the whole approval can be skipped because this has already taken place in advance by approving the PO, and the invoice data will be automatically exported to the ERP.

This can happen because the amount is not correct, it has already been paid in another way, etc. In this case, the finance team, which is responsible for approving the invoices after they have been uploaded, can simply delete the invoice in Yokoy.

Yes, although we serve both midsize and large customers, Yokoy’s added value is best experience by global enterprise customers. Our suite is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations, and integrates with most enterprise ERP & HRM tools such as SAP R3/S4 and Successfactors, among others.

This depends on the number of legal entities, the required configurations and integrations, as well as the readiness and responsiveness of the customer project team. For example, a global implementation with 4 legal entities, an ERP system integration, credit card integrations, and SSO setup could take from 2 to 6 months, depending on the level of standardization, the IT landscape and on how quickly required information can be provided. The project scope and duration will be individually assessed with you, by our certified Implementation Partner or our Yokoy Services Team.

We work with a number of qualified and certified partners who will lead the project from planning to implementation and testing, and will coordinate training workshops for your team. Global enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated Key Customer Success Manager, and can have the option of engaging our in-house experts for best practice consulting.

Data protection is a top priority at Yokoy. Your data is encrypted both in transit i.e. from your device to Yokoy and at rest in the cloud with a 256Bit AES encryption. Our cloud data is stored exclusively in the EU (Frankfurt, and St. Ghislaine, Belgium). Information about the security of the Google Cloud Data Center can be found here and about the compliance standards we follow can be found here. Last but not least what we as Yokoy do for data security and data protection can be found here.

Given that no two setups are the same, we’ll discuss your specific needs during the sales process, and provide you with a tailored offer that ensures you’ll get the most out of our spend management suite.

Let AI do the work

Gain full visibility and control over your business spend with AI-powered automation.