Your Visa card exchange rate​

Spending abroad in a business trip can be complicated, but we simplify that. We use Visa’s exchange rate with no added fees.


Check your exchange rate

Yokoy uses the Visa exchange rate with nothing on top. That means you can use your Yokoy Visa card to spend in any currency, without any extra fees or charges. Below are the rates you get when you spend in a foreign currency.

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Disclaimer: Exchange rates can fluctuate and they may change between the time a transaction is made and the time it is deducted from your available balance. You agree that any change to the exchange rate may be applied immediately and without notice to you.

Why do I need to know the exchange rates?

In Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) publishes reference exchange rates between currencies based on a daily average of european central banks, but individuals can’t get those rates directly. ‍


When you spend abroad, your bank or credit card issuer will be using a card scheme (the two biggest are Mastercard and Visa), and that scheme can set an exchange rate which could be above the ECB rate.


Your bank or credit card issuer can then either pass on that scheme rate directly to you, or add a mark-up or fees on top to make money.

All banks are now required to show you the ECB rate and any fees or charges they add on top.