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Our AI automates and streamlines your expense processes so you can focus on what really matters.

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Revolutionize your expense management

Yokoy automates your entire expense process, including VAT and travel expense reporting. With our AI-based tool, it only takes 3 seconds to generate an expense report, while manual review is only required for outliers and special cases. Yokoy also automatically enters approved expenses into your financial system and provides you with various means of analyzing your data.

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Benefits of our expense management software

Automate recurring tasks

Yokoy automates all recurring tasks in expense management, saving your finance team valuable time. From now on, manual intervention is only needed for outliers and special cases.

Ensure an easy & efficient audit process

Yokoy records all expense reports and allows for a fully transparent expense process, thus forming a single point of truth during audits.

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Create custom approval flows

Streamline your expense process even in complex hierarchies by creating custom approval flows and defining detailed spend policies.

Ensure compliance

No more overspending or fraudulent activities – Yokoy automatically detects policy breaches across the expense process and ensures full compliance.

Gain data-based insights

Detect spending patterns and identify trends: Yokoy provides detailed insights into your employee’s expenses and builds the foundation for in-depth data analysis.

Less errors, higher employee satisfaction

Unburden your staff from extensive paperwork. With Yokoy, your employees can generate an expense report in seconds – directly in the mobile or web app.

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A fully automated expense process

How Yokoy works
Image process step 1 - a receipt is shown and scanned to create an image
Image processing

Take a photo of the receipt and import it into Yokoy via our mobile or web app. Alternatively, you can also forward the  receipts to Yokoy as an email attachment.

Image processing step 2 - the scanned receipt image is processed with OCR reading
Digitization with AI-based OCR

Yokoy reads out the receipt in seconds using optical character recognition (OCR).

Image processing step 3 - the scanned and processed receipt image is analysed to find out the object, price, vat, seller etc.
Information extraction

Within seconds, the AI engine of Yokoy extracts all relevant information from the receipt and pre-fills the expense report accordingly.

Image processing step 4 - the analysed image is validated against company policy
Data Validation

Yokoy validates the data and checks the expense against relevant policies and potential fraud. Our AI model learns with every processed expense report, making it even more accurate over time.

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What our customers are saying

We looked into different expense management tools and were impressed by Yokoy’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider. The integration into our finance system to ensure an automated end-to-end process was also an important deciding factor.

Ebru Arican

Head of Group Controlling & Accounting

Ameropa AG

Key functions

Get the most out of our expense management software

Trips function

Expense reporting for business trips has never been easier: Yokoy automates the whole process, saving you time and ensuring compliance.



Leverage Yokoy Analytics to gain detailed insights into your spending behavior and make better decisions.


VAT reclaim

Do not miss out on international VAT refunds: We are working together with various partners to offer you an automated process. 



Simple yet highly functional

Keep track of all business expenses in real-time and automate the entire expense process.

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