Travel & Spend management has never been easier

✓ Book and account business trips effortlessly, while having the entire process consistent and automated.

✓ Transfer data automatically to the appropriate expense categories and cost centers.

✓ Apply and recognize country-specific legislation, individual company policies as well as currencies.

How does it work?

Step 1

With TravelPerk’s travel platform, you choose and book your transportation and hotel based on your preferences. During the booking process you can make changes or additions at any time and add additional users and cost centers to the trip.In case of questions, cancellations or rebookings, the TravelPerk team is available to you free of charge on all communication channels.

Step 2

Your booked trip is automatically imported to Yokoy (incl. users, amount, category, cost centers etc.).

Step 3

Yokoy is an Artificial Intelligence-based expense and company credit card automation tool. As a Yokoy user, you get all trips automatically imported from TravelPerk and you can add expenses (receipts, per diems etc.) to the trip and submit the entire trip at the end. The approver and Finance or HR-Team can easily check trips/expenses by receiving various warnings (e.g. rule breaches, fraud potential) from Yokoy. Reimbursable expenses, company credit card expenses and business trips from TravelPerk are then automatically exported to the connected ERP/Finance system for correct accounting booking.

Simple. Effortless. Fast.

Travel and spend management has never been easier. Book your business trips in TravelPerk and have all business travel data automatically sent to Yokoy in real time. Watch how it works here!

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