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Save up to 90% of your time and energy on managing expenses, credit cards and supplier invoices from 150 countries and languages. Let artificial intelligence work and learn from you to create more time for your core business. Now you can even add the Yokoy cards for your whole team.

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The all-in-one spend management solution

Expenses icon depicting a receipt being read through and analysed


Put your expenses on autopilot! Our expense tool works with artificial intelligence and is directly integrated with your financial system. With Yokoy, it takes 3 seconds to generate an expense report and manual review is only required for outliers. Yokoy automates your entire expense process from end to end (including VAT reporting and travel expense reporting).

Icon of Supplier Invoices

Supplier Invoices

Put your invoices on autopilot! Have your entire invoice management in one place: automatically capture, review, approve and book invoices into your ERP system. Yokoy’s AI-based invoice approval reduces manual work significantly and provides security through fraud detection.

Icon of a Mastercard

Intelligent Company Card Switzerland – Mastercard

More money, less hassle: our Yokoy prepaid Mastercard is free for the whole team and we don’t charge any card fees or foreign exchange fees. All transactions are automatically fed into the Yokoy expense tool and matched with receipts. You can control and analyze the expenses directly in Yokoy.

Icon of a Visa card

Smart Corporate Card Europe – VISA

Our smart corporate credit card is available for companies based in Europe (outside of Switzerland). The principle remains the same: no card fees and no foreign exchange fees. All transactions are automatically fed into the Yokoy expense tool and matched with receipts. You can control and analyze the expenses directly in Yokoy.

Icon depicting several creditcards, symbolizing virtual cards

Virtual Company Cards Europe – VISA

You can generate virtual cards directly in Yokoy. These will be available within seconds and you can either use them for a specific purpose or authorize certain people to use them. Yokoy’s virtual VISA cards are more secure, flexible and faster than traditional corporate credit cards.

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The future is simple

Automate your spend management with Yokoy’s AI powered all-in-one solution. Expenses management, invoice processing, smart company cards all in one platform.

These features are included in all Yokoy products

Customizable & integrable

Customize workflows, policies and more, while integrating all your favorite tools.

Active fraud prevention

The Yokoy artificial intelligence module actively recognizes fraud patterns and flags them as such.


Modern audit protocols ensure compliance with local auditing standards in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US and many more.

On the go in real time

Submit expenses directly on your mobile phone or web app – anywhere, anytime – even offline.

Automated VAT-read out

Yokoy recognizes VAT, validates it and automatically prepares the booking journal for the correct booking and VAT reclaim.

Trips & auto lump sum calculation

Lump-sums are automatically calculated based on your internal guidelines.

Auto-reconciliation of card transactions

Yokoy directly feeds in your card transactions, matches them with the receipts and does the reconciliation work for you.

Artificial Intelligence scanning

Automated spend reporting and real-time policy checking, thanks to cutting-edge AI technology.


All expenses are reviewed and validated by the Yokoy AI engine, so that you only need to look at special cases manually.

Assistant or deputy

Manage expenses on behalf of your manager(s) or delegate tasks and assign deputies on behalf of you.


Data encryption and protection are key aspects of Yokoy, including GDPR compliance, permission-based access policies and Single Sign On (SSO) using the SAML/OAuth standard.

Data Analytics

Create spending reports and analysis dashboards to have the overview you always wanted.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy the Yokoy products separately?

Yes. For example, if you are looking for automated expense management only, you can buy Yokoy Expense.
Automated invoice management (Yokoy Invoices) and card management (Yokoy Card) are also available individually.
Of course, the greatest benefit comes from the complete package of expense, invoice and card management, as the interfaces into the ERP system can be used for the entire spend management and also everything can be operated in the same Yokoy app (also mobile app).

Does Yokoy integrate with my financial and HR systems?

Yokoy integrates with more than 50 systems and versions. Here you can find the list of standard integrations. In case we do not yet integrate with your specific system, please contact us here and let’s discuss. There is also the possibility for you to use our free Open REST API to connect your favorite systems with the Yokoy platform yourself.

How is the data protected?

Data protection is a top priority at Yokoy, so we use modern data encryption standards for both stored data and data in transit. Additionally, Yokoy has tasked external penetration testers (hackers) to constantly check the platform for vulnerabilities. We follow local regulations such as GDPR in the EU or the Swiss Data Protection Act to deliver the best data protection standards.

How long does an implementation take?

This is very much dependent on the configurations and the integrations. An implementation can take from a few weeks to several months. For example, a global implementation with 2 legal entities, an ERP system integration, credit card integrations and SSO setup takes about 2 months. Thanks to the latest technology, Yokoy is able to configure and test the tool in a very short time. The projects are carried out either by the Yokoy Services team or a certified implementation partner.

How much does Yokoy cost?

For the Yokoy team, it is important that the spend management tool and Yokoy cards are properly set up and integrated into the company’s system landscape. No two setups are the same! We believe in full automation. That’s why we’re happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a tailored offer.

Can Yokoy be used by large global companies?

Yes, Yokoy brings true added value to global enterprise customers. The tool is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations and integrates with most enterprise ERP & HRM tools such as SAP R3/S4 and Successfactors, among others. Our experienced onboarding project managers will lead the project from the planning to the implementation and testing phases, and will hand over the tool to the company during a training workshop session. Global enterprise customers will benefit from a dedicated key account manager and financial process consulting from our in-house finance experts.