Yokoy & UBS: smart corporate cards integrated for success

Automate your spend management processes and gain full control with the integrated credit card solution by Yokoy and UBS.

Two UBS cards overlapping each other, with Yokoy dashboard behind it. On the right is a phone with receipt pouring out, on the phone is the Yokoy app.


Seamless integration for maximum effect

Yokoy and UBS join forces for a credit card solution that puts you in full control of your corporate spending. A seamless integration with Yokoy makes our spend management platform your one stop shop for managing your UBS cards and staying on top of transactions. Furthermore, Yokoy automatically reconciles all card transactions with their respective receipts.


Simple & effortlessly quick

Seamlessly integrated

This UBS credit card is directly integrated with Yokoy, providing you with the full transparency and control to effectively manage your corporate spending.

Fully automated reconciliation

Yokoy automatically links credit card transactions to their respective receipts and ensures that they are correctly booked in your accounting system.

Simple card administration

Manage your UBS cards directly in Yokoy, no matter where you are. See card details, card statements, freeze a card or order a replacement – all at the touch of a button.

How much can you save with Yokoy?

Yokoy and UBS – a forward-looking partnership

Working with an innovative fintech company is central to the further development of our digital banking services. The partnership with Yokoy ideally complements our corporate card solutions offering, as our customers with large transaction volumes will now benefit from a strikingly simplified management of their business expenses.

Alain Conte

Head of UBS Corporate & Institutional Clients Switzerland


Make confident decisions based on real-time spend insights

The future of spend management is not only about automated financial processes, but also in gaining actionable insights into your expenditures. This is what Yokoy Analytics is built for: analyze your spending patterns, identify trends, and make better decisions.

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The all-in-one spend management platform

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