The smart Yokoy Corporate Visa Card for Europe

Maximum flexibility and ease of use for all employees: With the physical or virtual Yokoy Corporate Visa Card, you have full control over all corporate spending and save on all card and foreign currency fees. Now with up to 2% cashback*!

Our intelligent corporate card

Why the Yokoy Corporate Visa Card?

For more transparency: The Yokoy Corporate Visa Card is a flexible means of payment that puts you in control at all times. Thanks to the integration with Yokoy, you get an immediate overview of your spending. Individual spending limits help you control your liquidity – right down to employee level.     

The Yokoy Corporate Visa Card is a free debit card accepted worldwide – just like any other Visa card.


Unlimited cards. No fees.**

Free for all employees

No card or foreign currency fees. No foreign exchange surcharges – the interbank exchange rate applies. In addition, we give you up to 2% cashback.*

No additional manual reconciliation

Credit card transactions are automatically fed into Yokoy and matched with receipts.

Adherence to compliance guidelines

You decide what your employees spend money on, ensuring compliance guidelines are adhered to.

Detailed cash flow overview

The Yokoy card dashboard gives you full control of all cards and transactions at all times.

Liquidity under control at all times

Set individual spending limits down to employee level and allocate money exactly where it is needed.

Flexible and unlimited virtual card creation

Create as many virtual cards as you need – quickly and at the touch of a button.

Disclaimer: All Yokoy card products are offered under the acceptance and service terms of the license partners and cannot be guaranteed. For more details, please contact us. Yokoy Group AG is not liable for inaccurate or outdated information on this website and may make changes to all products and services including pricing without prior notice.


Use the Yokoy Corporate Visa Card physically or virtually

Our physical card

Say goodbye to the classic corporate credit card: with the free Yokoy Corporate Visa Card, you create comprehensive transparency over your spending. Order it easily via the Yokoy tool.

Our virtual card

Do you want to provide your employees with an even more flexible and faster means of payment? The virtual Yokoy Corporate Visa Card is ready in seconds – with the full range of functions.


We chose the Yokoy card as our corporate card because thanks to the zero-fee model, we not only enjoy the ideal solution on the cost side, but at the same time it allows us to avoid a lot of manual administrative work as well as making our spend management much clearer and more efficient.

Peter Grausgruber



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These Features are included in all Yokoy products

Customizable & integrable

Customize workflows, policies and more, while integrating all your favorite tools.

Active fraud prevention

The Yokoy artificial intelligence module actively recognizes fraud patterns and flags them as such.


Modern audit protocols ensure compliance with local auditing standards in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US and many more.

On the go in real time

Submit expenses directly on your mobile phone or web app – anywhere, anytime – even offline.

Automated VAT-read out

Yokoy recognizes VAT, validates it and automatically prepares the booking journal for the correct booking and VAT reclaim.

Trips & Auto lump sum calculation

Lump-sums are automatically calculated based on your internal guidelines.

Auto-reconciliation of card transactions

Yokoy directly feeds in your card transactions, matches them with the receipts and does the reconciliation work for you.

Artificial Intelligence scanning

Automated spend reporting and real-time policy checking, thanks to cutting-edge AI technology.


All expenses are reviewed and validated by the Yokoy AI engine, so that you only need to look at special cases manually.

Assistant or deputy

Manage expenses on behalf of your manager(s) or delegate tasks and assign deputies on behalf of you.


Data encryption and protection are key aspects of Yokoy, including GDPR compliance, permission-based access policies and Single Sign On (SSO) using the SAML/OAuth standard.

Data Analytics

Create spending reports and analysis dashboards to have the overview you always wanted.

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*Yokoy customers receive up to 2% cashback on every payment made with a Yokoy EU VISA card. This is valid up to a maximum of the recurring annual fees and only for Yokoy Corporate VISA Cards, excluding:
– Incoming transfers to your Yokoy account made by you or a third party.
– Outgoing transfers from your Yokoy account. 
– Withdrawals from ATMs. 
– Chargebacks.
The cashback credit is limited in total to the recurring software fees.

**There are no card fees, card account fees, foreign currency surcharges or transaction fees (in foreign currency/abroad). Cash withdrawals at ATMs are 10 Euros per withdrawal. Negative interest: 0.0%.