Build Your Own Integrations With Yokoy’s API Developer Platform

Devis Lussi
Devis Lussi

Co-founder & CTO, Yokoy

Yokoy already offers a wide range of system connectors. While we continue building new connectors to integrate Yokoy seamlessly into your system landscape, we now enable you to build your own integrations with today’s newly launched Yokoy API platform.

One standard for thousands of integration possibilities

Yokoy’s API allows you to build integrations to and from Yokoy – all just based on one standard. Let’s say you have master data, projects, cost centers, travel expenses and much more generated from a third-party system, you can now automatically send them into your Yokoy platform with ease. You can also in reverse automatically transfer the financial entries, image files and more that are generated in Yokoy to your desired third-party system (e.g. ERP system, archive).

The latest security standards

Security is our highest priority. To meet your company’s high security requirements, all requests over the built interfaces are encrypted (HTTPS) and secured according to the OAuth2 standard. The OAuth2 standard ensures that secure authorisation flows are used and allows additional restriction of rights to specific resources and scopes (e.g. reading and writing of cost centre documents).

Free for you - Forever

We believe that simple and well-documented connectivity options based on the latest REST API technology should be available for free to our customers. With that in mind, my engineering team and I have built this modern and free developer platform for you, which is constantly being further developed at no extra cost.

Now that you are up to date with our latest integration addition, why not give it a try? Contact our experts for a free demo or directly read our API documentation!

Simplify your spend management

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