Ebru Arican, Head of Group Controlling & Accounting at Ameropa, on Yokoy Expense

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Melanie Gabriel

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How Ameropa uses Yokoy for expense management and corporate credit cards

Ameropa is an agribusiness headquartered in Switzerland. With offices in countries like Vietnam, Russia, China, India and Australia, Ameropa is an international company.


When it comes to spending, expense and company credit card management, they used to do it all manually: The submission and approval of receipts as well as exporting them all into their ERP system. Not anymore.


Today, Yokoy automates the entire process end-to-end. We sat together with Ebru Arican from Ameropa and asked her to share her experience with our expense – and company credit card management software.

Company overview

Binningen, Switzerland

3’000+ employees


Yokoy Expense, Yokoy Pay

An interview with Ebru Arican, Head of Group Controlling & Accounting, Ameropa

First things first. Who are you?

My name is Ebru Arican, Head of Group Controlling & Accounting at Ameropa, a global agribusiness company located in Binningen Switzerland.

What was the journey that brought you to Yokoy?

We were looking at different expense management tools and got the tip to try Yokoy as well.

How did you tackle company spending and expenses before Yokoy?

Our employees had to allocate their expenses manually to the company credit card statements at the end of each month. For privately paid company expenses, employees had to fill in a sheet and send it (including the paper receipts) to the finance team.

How does Yokoy help you as the Head of Group Controlling & Accounting?

Yokoy helps us to automate and streamline the expense process and  to save time. It helps in accounting by making sure manual bookings are only done exceptionally. In addition, it enables cost centers owners to stay on top of their expenses.

What are some unique challenges your company faces when it comes to expenses?

Since our people are traveling a lot to many different countries, it is essential that receipts can be read out in all languages and currencies. Often our employees travel to Eastern European and African countries. Yokoy makes sure our employees can submit expenses everywhere within seconds. 

Why did you decide to go with Yokoy?

We looked into different expense management tools and were impressed by Yokoy’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider. The integration into our finance system to ensure an automated end-to-end process was also an important deciding factor.

Can you remember a Yokoy “Aha”-moment that you and your employees had?

By illustrating the ease of use, the time savings, and the ability to monitor expenses. 

What excites you most about the future of finance?

Converting data into decision enabling information through the use of automation and digitization excites me most about the future of finance.

Thank you Ebru!

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