How Sherpany Standardized and Streamlined Expense Management with Yokoy​

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Melanie Gabriel

Co-founder and CMO, Yokoy

Sherpany was founded in 2011 with a vision to create a world where every meeting counts.

Today, the company is the European market leader for agile meeting management software and helps over 5500 business leaders increase the productivity of their meetings. The privately owned and award-winning company employs over 100 people in six offices across Europe.


Yokoy is thrilled to call Sherpany their customer. This is why we asked their CFO, Tania Thiebach recently to share her experience with us.

An interview with Tania Thiebach, CFO, Sherpany

Tell us about Sherpany! What are you doing?

Sherpany offers secure governance software that fosters more efficient processes in companies and enables them to establish an agile meeting culture. This helps companies save time, improve cost efficiency and ensure compliance over time, thereby minimizing risks.

How did you tackle company spending and expenses before Yokoy?

In the past, our expense process was not automated. We either used spreadsheets or another expense tool but we weren’t happy. Thanks to Yokoy we have now standardized and streamlined the processes. 

What journey brought you to Yokoy?

I have been working with Yokoy in my previous job and was a proud second customer at that time. Yokoy has impressed me from the beginning, on the one hand with the technical setup and on the other hand with the service-oriented team.

How does Yokoy help you as a CFO?

Yokoy enables a simplified expense process, helps to control expenses faster and more efficiently through the analytics possibilities and brings massive time savings thanks to the automated booking through the integration to the accounting tool.


The artificial intelligence magic is truly doing most of the work, which saves us time and adds additional security from the fraud-detection side, which we didn’t have before. The entire company loves the tool.

What are some unique challenges your company faces when it comes to expenses?

Due to Sherpany’s international setup, the processes were very confusing and inconsistent. In addition, there is currently still a different accounting system in each country, which made the processes even more time-consuming.

Can you remember an Yokoy a-ha moment that you had?

Yes! Many expense tools offer a snapshot – but with Yokoy it works very fast and reliable.

What would you advise other companies considering Yokoy?

Examine the weak points in your current expense processes, starting with the partially complex and unreliable expense recording up to the automated posting. 

Yokoy already integrates into many accounting and ERP systems, so in this context, it is advisable to check whether this is also the case for your current system too. The possibility of integrating the Yokoy credit card into the process can also bring many advantages.

Why did you decide to go with Yokoy? What convinced you?

Service-oriented team, Swiss start-up, well thought-out product that meets the requirements of a next generation expense tool. 

How did you pitch Yokoy to your team?

Not at all – my team has seen a demo version of Yokoy and the simplifications compared to the previous expense process were immediately obvious!

What’s next for Sherpany?

Sherpany is already the market leader in Switzerland in the field of agile meeting management. Our next goals are to conquer strategically important markets, especially Germany, but also Italy and France. Here we are well on the way to increasing our market share. Our mission is that every leader in Germany has tested Sherpany.

What excites you most about the future of finance?

I am convinced that digitisation will continue to find its way into all departments of companies. The current Covid-19 situation will accelerate this process. This also applies to the finance sector. This will create new areas of responsibility and new perspectives, which I find very exciting. Finance in the future will change a lot and become more of a service provider.

Thank you for taking the time, Tania!

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