Accounts payable automation for technology companies

Yokoy provides full spend control so that tech companies can focus on driving innovation without the constraints of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Keeping up in the tech sector

How automated spend management revolutionizes technology companies

A dynamic environment such as the technology sector requires companies to always stay a step ahead of their competition. Managing corporate spend is a key consideration here. While tech companies require full transparency and control to drive sustainable growth, they cannot afford to be constrained by lengthy administrative processes.

With Yokoy, you can address these challenges by automating your spend management processes through artificial intelligence. Thus, you can focus on driving innovation, while leveraging in-depth cost insights for forward-looking decisions.

Benefits for technology companies

What can Yokoy do for you?

Gather your processes on one platform

Yokoy consolidates all your accounts payable processes on a single platform – no matter if you are handling expenses, invoices or card transactions. One platform for all your accounts payable processes means just one app for all your employees and only one ERP integration to maintain.

Gain full transparency for better decisions

Make informed decisions about your budget and liquidity. We provide you with all the tools needed for in-depth data analysis, enabling you to uncover spending patterns, identify trends and shape the future of your business. Yokoy’s reporting & analytics module gives you the real-time cost insights, which you’ve always wanted.

Automate your financial processes end-to-end

Yokoy seamlessly integrates with all major third-party tools, thus laying the groundwork for true end-to-end automation. We got you covered from ERP to HR tools, and also offer a free Open API for you to quickly build your own integrations.

Focus on what really matters

Thanks to Yokoy, you can finally focus on the tasks that really matter. Employees no longer waste time on handing in their expenses or invoices. All the while, automated spend management processes increase the efficiency of your finance department and reduce processing errors.

How much can you save with Yokoy?

Tech companies that count on Yokoy

Our solutions for the technology sector

Automated expense management

Yokoy automates your entire expense process, including VAT reporting and travel expense reporting. With our AI-based tool, it only takes 3 seconds to generate an expense report, while manual review is only required for outliers and special cases. Seamless integration into your financial systems forms the basis for real end-to-end-automation.

Automated invoice processing

With Yokoy, you have your entire invoice management in one place: automatically capture, review, approve invoices and book them to your ERP system. Yokoy’s AI takes care of matching invoices with pre-approved purchase orders and streamlines the approval process to significantly reduce manual work.

Intelligent corporate cards

Add another layer of spend control with Yokoy Pay. By leveraging our seamlessly integrated physical and virtual corporate Visa cards, you can unleash the full potential of the Yokoy platform. Thanks to individual spend limits you are in full charge of corporate spending, while ensuring that compliance guidelines are met.

Make confident decisions based on real-time spend insights

The future of spend management is not only about automating your accounts payable processes, but also in gaining new insights into your expenditures. This is what Yokoy Analytics is built for: analyze your spending patterns, identify trends, and make better decisions.

Learn how you can benefit from Yokoy

We had an aha-moment when we realized that with Yokoy it only takes a few seconds to create a report compared to the many hours in the past.

Herbert Sablotny


How Yokoy revolutionizes spend management for Beekeeper

Building a mobile communication app for the world’s non-desk workforce, the international company Beekeeper relies on Yokoy to make its spend management processes more efficient. Herbert Sablotny, CFO of the technology company, explains how.


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